Lower Limb Training and Rehabilitation Standing Walking Aid (Children's Version)

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Six round foldable walking aid for children: for hemiplegia and postoperative rehabilitation, it is suitable for people with a height of 80cm-120cm (32in-48in).

Thickened stainless steel material: better materials, stronger quality, electroplating and polishing, smooth and antirust.

Handrail design: the handrail adopts high-density sponge design, which can absorb sweat and prevent slip. The user can lean on it if his arm is weak, so as to improve the balance force and use effect of the body.

Height and width adjustment: the height and width can be adjusted through the bolt to adapt to different children and many groups.

Solid tire anti-skid and wear-resistant: adjustable wheel sliding speed, safer braking function.

 Anti overturn design: the stability comes from the chassis. The chassis is widened before and after, which can better prevent forward tilt and backward tilt, and it is more convenient to use

Anti rollover design: double side anti Rollover Safety wheels can better prevent left and right rollover and make it safer to use.


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