Portable Phlegm Suction Machine,Phlegm Suction Unit 1000ml

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The portable phlegm suction unit is applicable to suck thick liquid such as pus-blood and phlegm under negative pressure.

Oil-free piston pump helps to keep from oil mist pollution.

Plastic panel makes it resistant from water erosion.

Overflow valve helps to prevent liquid from flowing into pump.

Negative pressure is adjustable according to requirements.

Small volume and light weight,easy to carry,especially suitable for emergency and doctors going their rounds outsides.


Ultimate negative pressure value: ≥0.070MPa 

Air exhausting speed: ≥11L/min

Power supply: 110V±11V,60Hz±1Hz

Regulating scope of negative pressure: 0.02MPa~maximum

Liquid Storage Bottle Capacity:1000ml

Input power: 90VA

Noise: ≤65dB(A)

Suction pump: Piston pump


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