Portable Color LCD Display Pocket Fetal Doppler 3MHz

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Color: Lavender



Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which can be used in hospital, clinic and home for daily self-check by pregnant woman. The fetal doppler is equipped with a full high definition color LCD display.


The units are compact,ligghtweight,easy operating,with stable performance and high dependability.

Easy-to-use,the probe can be changed

Accurate FHR detection with clear sound

High sensitivity interchangeable probe

Battery status indicator

2 display Interface : Digital display interface, Curve display interface

High accuracy, curve display interface, can see the fetal movement curve.


Standard: EN61266:1995

Safety Classification: BF /Class  /Internal power

Overall Sensitivity:  90 dB (Integrated sensitivity 200mm away from the surface of the probe)

Measuring integrated sensitivity

The Doppler frequency :(300 ± 50) Hz

Reflecting target speed:10cm / s ~40cm / s

Ultrasound transducer’s effective area: 6.0±0.5cm2.

Target velocity and display range : No narrower than 50bpm-240bpm (± 2bpm). (Beat Per Minute)

(Notes: Please go to see a doctor once the FHR is abnormal) Output power: 10Mw/cm2

EMC testing data (See annex )

Working frequency:3.0 MHz ± 10%

Spatial-peak temp-peak acoustic pressure: 0.1 MPa. Effective area of transducer:6.0±0.5 cm2

Physical Characteristic:

Working environment: Temperature: +5  ~ +40 

Humidity:  80% Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa

Transport and storage environment:

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa,well-ventilated room without corrosive gases.

Battery: Two pieces of 1.5V battery(not include)

Size: 135mm (Length) ×65mm (Width) ×30 (Height) mm

Weight: 170g(without batteries)


Working Frequency:3.0MHz

P-: 1MPa



Packing Include:

1 x Color LCD Fetal Doppler

1 x English User's manual


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