Portable 3L/min Oxygen Concentrator Machine Home and Car Use

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Adopt PSA oxygen technology and high-quality molecular sieve
Eight layers of filtration, cleaner
Features of this product adopting PSA's safe and reliable oxygen production technology, the battery is separated from the host, which is convenient for users to replace a larger or smaller battery pack, and is convenient for reasonable arrangements when going out. The small size and beautiful appearance are especially suitable for users who need to move.
Oxygen Flow: 3L/min stable flow (not adjustable)
Oxygen Concentration: stable 32.5±2.5% oxygen concentration
Oxygen production method: pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA method)
Noise: ≤45 Db(A)
Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds (1.4KG)
Package Size: 8.07*3.75*5.11 inches (20.5*9.5*13cm)
Work rate: 30W
Input voltage: DC12V~16. 8V
Working time: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 80 minutes, 180 minutes (adjustable)
Battery of NT-03:
Come with the NT-03 portable oxygen concentrator
Battery Lasting: last for 1-3 hours
Standard battery pack capacity: 2500mAH 14.8V,the highest voltage is 16.8V
1. Rejuvenate brain activity.
2. Oxygen is used for skin care.
3. How does oxygen restore sub-health fatigue.
4. Reduce the harm of alcohol and cigarettes.
5. Softening and deodorizing.
6. Other related environmental and health information and products.
Package Include:
1X Portable oxygen concentrator
1X AC Adaptor
1X 2500 mAh Battery
1X Car converter/ car adapter
1X Instruction manual (Check the MANUAL of NT-03 online)
1X Diagonal shoulder bag
1X Oxygen tube & nasal cannula

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