5 Pack Nose Pads for CPAP Mask

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Includes 5 pcs reusable nose pads.the nasal gel pad was made of a superior gel without latex and silicone, the adhesive is non-toxic and will not leave unaesthetic lines or marks on your nose. Gel pads are designed to relieve pressure and skin irritation, reduce red marks, for people who suffer from nasal bridge soreness.
The soft gel will form a buffer between the CPAP masks and the nose, improves nose bridge comfort.
These nose pads are custom designed and can fit most nasal and full face mask, it can also be trimmed to fit even more.
The CPAP nose gel pad can be reused. even if it is washed daily, it will not affect its viscosity! it can work well for 4 weeks.
Sleep better and more comfortably with our soft nasal gel pads.
The small bubbles in the nose pad is special design,it's not a quality problem.

The gel nasal pad may help you:

Improve overall mask comfort
Reduces mask leaks
Helps prevent nasal bridge soreness
Helps prevent red marks


1.Wash your face before use to prevent your skins natural oils from causing the pad to slip.
2.Peel off the film and attach it to the bridge of your nose, allowing the side flaps to lay around a quarter inch below the eyes, and the top of the pad between the eye brows
3.Gently apply pressure to the pad to make it adhere to the face
4.Fit the CPAP mask over pad so that the top of the pad is visible above the mask cushion.

Package Include:

5 Pack of Nasal Gel Pad


Wash with Water.
Store gel Pad back in the original packaging, and away from dust.
Keep away from open flames.
Keep away from the reach of small children.Keep out of direct sunlight.


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