(Only For USA)1-7L/min Touch Screen Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator In Stock

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  • Adjustable oxygen concentration: supply continuous flow 1-7L/min adjustable, provides a stable 93%±3%(1L) pure oxygen flow. two people can simultaneously absorb oxygen.
  • Big LED color touch screen display, easy operation real-time display flow, and time change so that the elderly can see it more clearly.
  • Intelligent time accumulation function: 0-999 minutes timer range, easy to record oxygen time;
  • Long Work Time, continuous 48 hours of continuous electric oxygen supply, convenient for users to absorb oxygen for a long time.
  • Design with the voice function, can real-time broadcasting every operation, the function can turn off.
  • Anion functions to purity the air around you for clean oxygen inhalation.
  • Infrared remote control function within 6m, convention to control the machine.
  • Intelligent alarm function, compressor fault alarm, and power failure alarm make your more reassuring.
  • Intelligent noise reduction system, running noise is less than 45db,won’t disturb sleep while oxygenating.
  • Humanized portable handle design, so that can carry it everywhere.

Potential Users:

  • The elderly: Improving brain functioning as they develop dementia and other conditions.
  • White-collar women: Skincare, Skin nutrition, and elasticity maintenance, Reduction of sub-health status.
  • Pregnant women: Helpful to fetus development.
  • Businessman: Relaxing physical and mental tension, Improving physical ability, Reducing sub-health status, and improving work efficiency.
  • Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.


  • Oxygen Concentration:30%-96%(±3%) adjustable
  • Input Power:120W
  • Applied Voltage: AC110V/60Hz, AC220±22V50Hz
  • Environment temperature: 10-40°C
  • Relative humidity:≤80%
  • Atmospheric pressure range: 869hPA-1060hPA
  • Dimension:10.47×9.05×11.6inches1S
  • Net weight:13.221b

Package Included:

  1. 1 x Main oxygen concentrator generator
  2. 1 x Nasal Oxygen tube
  3. 1 x Remote control
  4. 1 x Power cable
  5. 2 x Filter felt
  6. 2 x Filter sponge
  7. 1x User Manual


This is supplementary medical equipment and is not intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.

The oximeter color is random. If you need to specify, please leave a message.


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