Travel CPAP Machine Mini With Mask Headgear Filter Tube SD Card Breathing Apparatus Accessories Supplies For Sleeping Apnea

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Option1: E-20A With NM2-S
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Travel CPAP Machine Mini With Mask Headgear Filter Tube SD Card Breathing Apparatus Accessories Supplies For Sleeping Apnea


Manual P: To help you adjust the pressure during sleep therapy is too high or too low to bring discomfort, humanization design.--CPAP
Automatic working mode can track the patient's respiratory conditionAutomatically andsensitively changes airway pressure to suit patients' needs. -- Automatic CPAP

The 8GB capacity of the SD card can fully record patient treatment information data. Large capacity, easy operation, access to more complete information.

CPAP-2.4 inches; Auto CPAP-3.5 inches
The Color LCD screen will allow you to view the data in the processing process. With an exquisite control knob, the BMC RESmart GII series gives you an unsurpassed operational experience.

SpO2 kit: Monitoring the blood oxygen saturation during sleeping, only suit for RESmart machine.
Oximeter: Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate display, can be clearly seen during the course of therapy.

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An audible alert will sound if the device is accidentally disconnected from power when it is delivering air.No alert message on the screen during a power failure.

Depending on the location of the region to choose a different setting, the machine will make the pressure compensation accordingly and automatically.

Compliance Data is encoded by iCode and it is easy to be transferred by smart phone iCode APP.
You can search and download it from Google play and APP store, it's easily and conveniently. Your data analysis report will be generated and sent to you by e-mail automatically.


Buttons & Details

Mute Button: Press this button to mute the alert. Hold it for 3-5s,check iCode.
Knob: Start treatment and adjust device settings. Indicate the power supply statuste.
Button Ramp: Enable the Ramp feature.
Outlet Air: Deliver air to to the patient; connect to the the air tubing.


Q1:What kind of person need this product , and it's mainly for what indications?

Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Presentation : Snoring , daytime sleepniss , impaired concentration , hypertension , morning headache , slow reaction time , decreased memory , decreased libido.

Q2:Does the machine suitable to use at home? Does it eas y to op erate?

Yes, it's designed for sleep home care therapy and ventilation . After refer user manual , it will be very easy to operate by End-User.

Q3:How to set the machine airway therapy pressure or how to choose the work mode , and change other paramaters?

All the settings can be changed in Clinical Menu. (Enter Clinical Menu : When the machine running , please press middle button and right button , hold them for 5 seconds will into the Clinical Menu.)

Q4:Where can I download the analyse software , any software fee required?

Online documentation and software for your BMC products can be downloaded free of charge.
(1)Download website :
(2)Download Step : [Sevice] - [Document & Software] - [Therapy and Ventilation Devices]
(3)Ask AliExpress platform customer services to get free download account and password.

Q5:What is iCode function ? How to use iCode phone app?

Software usually for doctor to analysize , but iCode shows basic using data for End-User , more convenient to know recent condition . iCode I is numbers , iCode II is QR picture .

Three way to use iCode get machine data :

(1)Go to iCode website( , then input machine serial number to get data.

More instructions in [Help] page which on the top of the iCode website.

(2)Stop running machine , press humidifier button on the left of the machine , will come out iCode I numbers . Then download phone app called BMC+ , open the phone app , type the iCode I numbers in the phone app to get data.

(3)Also can rotate middle button change iCode I numbers to iCode II QR picture , use phone app sweep QR picture on the machine screen , done !

Q6:What is Spo2 kit?

Spo2 kit just like finger pulse rate oximeter , Show your blood oxygen percent on respirator LCD screen.Normal people's blood oxygen percent above 97% , Snoring & Apnea & COPD people usually lower than95% . (From some point , get to known the effect after using machine for a period)

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