Mini Compressor Asthma Inhaler Nebulizer Machine Medical Handheld Automizer Steaming Device Mask For Family Adult Child

SKU: 620000207679-7822

Option1: US plug



Small Size and Light Weight

Length 14cm;
Weight 0.23Kg;
Easy to carry.

Low Noise

Enjoy Quiet Atomization


(1) Atomizing Socket;
(2) Atomizing Cup;
(3) ON/OFF;
(4) Power Interface.


The inhaler nebulizer is designed for respiratory diseases treatment and respiratory tract infection prevention.This machine is pushed by certain circuit frequency vibration to make piezoelectric ceramic vibrate harmony that caused high speed vibration of metal mesh.And the medicine liquid will be quickly popped through micro mesh hole of metal mesh plate to be countless micro atomizing particles. This will further transfer by inhalation treatment using masks or mouthpieces to patients' respiratory system.

1. One Button Operate

Easy to use.

2. Non-Slip Design

Beautiful and Non-Slip

3.Active Filter

Effective Dust Removal

4. Firm Interface

Prevent Drug Waste


Packing List

1x Inhaler Nebulizer Machine;
1x Power Adapter;
1x Nebulizer Cup;
2x Mask (Adult,Child);
1x Tube;
1x Mouthpiece;
2x Air Filter;
1x Manula.

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