Wellue O2 Ring Pulse Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Sleep Apnea

SKU: 620000297346-4880



What makes O2Ring different?
1>  O2Ring has the lghtest, smallest, and the most comfortable ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring, which is durable and adapted to most fingers.

2>Built-in vibrator of O2Ring will vibrate and notify you when oxygen level is lower than your preset threshold, or when your heart rate is too high or too low. Silent vibration, not beep alarm, making you and your partner sleep better.

3>Detailed analysis and graph trends of your overnight blood oxygen level, heart rate and body movement in APP reveals health insights. 

4> With O2Ring you are able to take a sleep apnea test at home. Just export or print overnight oximetry reports from PC software, share unlimited PDF/CSV format reports to your sleep study doctor and get a peace of mind.



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