GII E-20A Auto CPAP APAP Healthcare Portable for Sleep Apnea Anti Snore COPD Ventilator with Humidifier Accessories

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--Nine Core Technology--

E-20A contains three working modes: APAP, CPAP and Titration. Applicable to sleep snoring and sleep apnea. More choices, more convenient.

3.5inch LCD screen, factory high-definition soft screen protector. Interactive user interface, ergonomic button design. Simple and intuitive, convenient experience.

From the source of the noise, the devices are noise-reduced. After the sound level meter is detected, the output is strictly controlled at less than30dB. Everything is only for the meditation of you and your family.

Dialysis flow sensor engine, with integrated batteries respond quickly, microcomputer algorithm feedback is sensitive, superior performance provides stable performance, naturally touch your breath.

The high-cost original turbofan enables E-20A to have strong and stable pressure control. The core design of the cutting-edge drilling technology is durable and world-renowned.

E-20A will records the using data in time. You can read all the data by scanning the QR code to realize your own sleep condition and enjoy more international services.

The water temperature in the humidifier water tank is kept constant at the set temperature, which can reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract and allow you to enjoy a smooth and unobstructed night.

E-20A with masks and other related accessories have been supplied to many hospitals at home and abroad, using healthy and environmentally-friendly machine materials and soft and healthy silicone cushion.

RESlex pressure release function reduce pressure approperatelyat the beginning of the breath to let patients feel more comfortable and breathe more easily. Also, ithas a variety of danger alarm reminder, reliable and intimate.


-------Buttons & Details------

Mute Button:Press this button to mute the alert. Hold it for 3s,check iCode.

Knob:Start treatment and adjust device settings.Indicate the power supply statute.

Button Ramp:Enable the Ramp feature.

Outlet Air:Deliver humidified air to the patient; connect to the air tubing.

Observation Window:Observe the water level in the water chamber.

Water Inlet:The water inlet is in the bottom of the water storage tank.

--------Screen Display-------

Ramp:Display the remaining time.

Humidifier:Display set state.

Humidifier Indicator:Indicate the humidity level, there are five levels in total.

Ventilation Condition:Treatment Pressure/Minute Ventilation Volume/SpO2/ Pulse Rate.

-----------Patient Menu-------




Optional, please tell customer service if necessary


Let the inhaled air more humid, more comfortable

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