Auto CPAP G2S C20/A20 Prevent Sleep Apnea Automatic Pressure with NM4 Nasal Mask Home and Medical Cpap Machine

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Option1: Auto CPAP A20


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Dear customer, please note our mask size:

1. NM4 mask is full-size packages. The package contains 3 sizes of silicone pads, large, medium and small. The step of measuring the size is omitted. Choose any size option when purchasing.

The G2S A20 is a device with an integrated humidifier and a wireless connection that automatically adjusts the inspiratory pressure. The patented manual adjustment technology gives you the opportunity to adjust the treatment pressure until maximum comfort is achieved. Automatic leak and height compensation ensure treatment accuracy anywhere. The newly designed integrated humidifier features an extra-large heating plate (>50cm2) ensuring excellent humidification capacity and increased comfort. Reslex exhale pressure release function, let you sleep easily with lower pressure.

  • Designed with integrated humidifier,RESmart G2S A20 is smaller,lighter and more affable.
  • 2.4 inch color screen with user friendly interface and 10 languages.
  • 3 button control panel,simple and easy to use.

The package includes the following items:

- 1 * Machine

- 1 * CPAP Mask

- 1 * Travel Bag

- 1 * Headgear

- 1 * 8GB SD Card

- 1 * Tube

- 2 * Filter Cotton

- 1 * Manual

- 1 * Power Adapter


Product Parameters

Colorful Display Screen:2.4-inch

Working Mode:CPAP and Auto CPAP

Ramp Time (min):0-60

Sound Pressure Level: ≤28dB

Pressure Range(cmH2O):4-20

Pressure Increasement:0.5

Manual P(cmH2O):0-2

Expiration Pressure Release:Reslex

Adjustable Sensitivity:Yes

Warranty:1 Year

Air Tubing:Standard(19mm - 22mm)

Environmental Conditions:Maximum airflow,35℃,15% relative humidity

Humidifier Settings:Off,1 to 5 (95℉ to 154.4℉ / 35℃ to 68 ℃)


What is Snoring?

Due to muscle relaxation during sleep, the upper airway collapses, and when the air flows through the narrow channel, the surrounding tissues tremble and a snoring sound appears.
How Harmful is Snoring?
Mild snorers will suffer from hypoxemia, obesity, decreased memory, and dizziness due to decreased sleep quality. Symptoms such as low immunity: People with chronic snoring or severe snoring are often accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome. Repeated nocturnal hypoxia and hypercapnia caused by apnea can cause hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes And cerebrovascular diseases, and even sudden death at night.

Easy data access:

iCode and SD card records can be viewed and evaluate though RESmart PC software or PAP Link smart phone App. (Please contact customer service after you purchase. Customer service will provide a download link)


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