G2S CPAP Automatic Machine With Nasal Mask Respirator Tube Air Filter Heated Humidifier

SKU: 620000207305-7359

Option1: Auto CPAP With N5B
Option2: UK Plug


Easy Operate -- Auto ON/OFF

Take the mask start breathing,
the machine starts automatically.

2.4 inch Color Screen

See data clearly

Low Nosie and App Avaliable

Protect you a peaceful night
Chceck out data on you phone at any time

Stable Imported Sensor

Quick feedback of airflow changes which help the machine to make a quick and effective adjustment

Integrated Humidifier

High reliability and stability
Easy to add water and clean
Humidification effect is significantly improved



NM2 Nasal Mask

N4 Nasal Mask(Include 3 Size Cushions S/M/L)


F1B Full Face Mask


P2 Pillows Mask (Include 3 Size Cushions S/M/L)

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