Auto Bipap Bi-Level/CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine G2S B20A Treat Snoring Central Apnea Generate Data Reports with Full Face Mask

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Option1: with FM2
Option2: Large (L) size mask


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The BiPAP G2S B20A Sleep Apnea Machine has been used in cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or Central Causes (CSA). This device serves as an upgrade to CPAP devices that provide fixed pressure.

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1 x SPO2

1 x Filter Cotton

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Advantages and Features

- The device can automatically adjust the pressure level of exhalation and inhalation to suit the user's breathing habits.

- All G2S BiPAP models can detect CSA apnea (a type of apnea caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood).

-Intelligently provides airflow of appropriate pressure to allow users to sleep comfortably.

- The humidifier is designed as a small all-in-one, light in weight and easy to use.

- The easy-to-use 3-button control panel allows users to easily make adjustments.

Machine Parameters

Working mode:                      CPAP/S/Auto S

Ramp:                                     0 - 60 min

IPAP and EPAP:                       4 - 20 CmH2O

Breathing:                               40 - 240 BPM

SpO2:                                     0 - 100%

Volume of water chamber:     360ml

Operational noise:                  < 38 dB

Filter the air:                            Yes

Humidity:                                 Off / 1-5 (level)

DC connection:                        USB 5V - 2A

Power source used:                 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz

Plug type:                                UK / US / EU / AU

Connector wire:                       1.8 m

Machine weight:                      1.9 kg

Machine Size:                           274mm *184mm * 115mm

Machine language:                 Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Italian, Turkish

                                                 Dutch, Korean, Hungarian, Thai, Greek

IOS/Android APP:                  “PAP Link”APP

PC software:                             Please contact customer service

Manual:                                    Please leave your email. Customer service will send you instructions in local language


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