1L-5L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Rechargeable Battery Oxygen Machine

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What is Pulse Dose?
Being different from conventional continuous flow oxygen concentrators, pulse dose oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen on inhalation, this type of oxygen flow is ideal for treating respiratory conditions that do not require a high LPM (liters of oxygen delivered per minute). The benefit of a pulse dose oxygen concentrator is that it works with your breathing needs as they change, you get oxygen at your own pace. Furthermore, pulse dose oxygen concentrators are small, compact and lightweight so they are also easy to take along for daily activities.
Thoughtful & sophisticated design
To be more humanized
Small size
More convenient for kids and elderly
Long lasting battery up to 4.8 hours
Easy to take along for daily activities Specifications

- Weight:3.1 kg

- Purity:93%±3%

- Display:LCD

- Outlet pressure:30-80kPa

- Pulse dose setting: 1L-5L

- Endurance mode: Rechargeable or Pluggable

- Battery voltage:14.8V

- Battery charging time:2-3 hours

- Battery capactiy:6360mAh

- Noise level:<60dB(A)

Battery duration at different settings
Pulse flow settings
Setting 1----4.8 hours Battery duration
Setting 2----3.3 hours Battery duration
Setting 3----2.5 hours Battery duration
Setting 4----2.1 hours Battery duration
Setting 5----1.7 hours Battery duration
Copper Oil-free Compressor
Spring shock absorption / High temperature protection Molecular Sieve
Fast and stable oxygen supply
High concentration / Long service life

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