Compression Atomizer Jet Atomization Original Drug Atomization Ultrafine Granulation Treat Asthma

SKU: 620000207288-2295

Option1: NB2


Product description

1、Unique atomization technology

     Fine atomized particles.Quickly absorb the alveolar need to add water.

2、Low noice

     Enjoy quiet atomization.

3、Adjustable fogging amount

     The user-friendly design can adjust the cup cover

    Total open:large / Half open:medium / Closed:small

4、Efficient heat dissipation design
.Long lasting the machine is not hot.

5、Small size and light weight
. Length 18cm. Weight 1.2kg

6、Non-slip design.

7、Active filter effective dust removal.

8、Portable handle easy to carry.

9、Firm interface prevent drug waste.

Product acessories

1、Adult/child mask

2、Nebulizer cup

3、Connect tube



6、Mask belt

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