O2ring Sleep Monitor Ring Bluetooth Usb Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter Wearable Sleep Monitor Vibrates Reminder

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1.Comfortable wearing experience
2.Track and record oxygen level and heart rate
3.Smart vibration triggered by low SpO2
4.Built-in rechargeable battery for overnight use
5.Sync real-time data with App via Bluetooth
6.Support remote monitoring by wireless module

Track and record oxygen level overnight

During your sleep, once a low oxygen level or an abnormal heart rate is detected, O2Ring will vibrate immediately and softly to remind you.
After syncing the recording data to App, detailed analysis and trends of your oxygen level and heart rate can be reviewed.

Share professiona Report

Free professional APP and PC report shows the graphic sleep report and trends of blood oxygen level condition, heart rate and motion.

Smart Vibration Alert Delivers Peace of Mind

No worry to ignore every stopped breathing events, the patented O2Ring will vibrate to alert you when oxygen level is lower than your preset threshold while you're alseep.

The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

O2Ring is the perfect accessory if you want a device that won't cramp your style. With soft and comfortable silicone, we make it easy to get the O2Ring fit for different finger sizes.

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