Mesh Nebulizer Portable Atomizer Mini Nebulizer Handheld Airway Inhale Humidifier Nebulizer

SKU: 620000206696-2507

Option1: NB5



Tiny Particles: large quantity of fog, fine atomization particles, particles can reach 1-5 μ m, drug absorption more fully.
Fast Speed: microporous spray, atomization speed faster than 0.2ml/min
More quiet: through piezoelectric components, low noise design is more silent
Less residue: the residue is less than or equal to 0.5ml, which is more economical
Flashing light indication: green light means normal operation, red light means no power or insufficient voltage of battery
Energy saving and environmental protection: skin friendly and environmental protection, the mask adopts PP (polypropylene) as the main material, without DEHP (plasticizer / plasticizer)


1pc* nebulizer

1pc* Adult Mask

1pc* child mask

1pc* nebulization nozzle

1pc* adapter connector

1pc* user manual


1. 2 batteries or plug-in use.(For safe transportation, we removed the battery)
2. Atomized particles: 3-5mu
3. The residual liquid rate is 0.3%
4. Atomization rate: 0.526 ml / min

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