Charge Anti-Humpback Smart Back Posture Corrector Adjustable Anglel Hunchback Posture Brace Corrector Shoulder Training

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Function: LED Screen, Spine Correction, Chest Expansion, Improve Hunchback, Prevent Rickets, Protect Eyesight,Custom Angle, Smart Counting
Suitable for the crowd: Children/Adults
Say goodbye to back or neck pain:
Do you have to work long hours in front of a computer or do you have discomfort and soreness in your back and shoulders? The smart posture corrector aims to relieve chronic back and prevent hunching, slouching, scoliosis or ‘computer posture’. Push your shoulders back and align spine to enjoy your pain-Free life!
Smart vibration warning to build your confidence:
Based on Ergonomics design, Our Posture Brace ensures alignment and stability.The reminder angle can be set, and it will automatically remind and count if the angle exceeds the set angle .
Effective and comfortable:
Our back brace, coupled with physical therapy, aids in the treatment of Back Pain, Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The Posture corrector use lightweight, soft,porous ventilating materials that keep your skin comfortable.
21 Days evolution:
Our back straightener will also assist your body's natural posture and always remember you to stand tall and straight. Refine your posture by building long-term muscle memory. Wear it 1- 2 hours a day,after 21 days you shall be amazed with the difference! Continue use for 90 days, then you shall always walk proudly and confidently and you will look taller and slimmer!
Suitable for everyone:
Our unisex posture brace with adjustable straps is easy to put on.
Angle setting:
1. In the shutdown state, long press the left button for 1 second
2. Short press the left key “+“ angle, right key “-“ angle
3. After the angle is set, there is no button operation for three
seconds, and the angle setting is automatically exited

Modern sensor AI chip

When sitting in the wrong position, the deviation angle sensor will automatically vibrate to help you recognize and adjust your sitting position.

Exquisite design, suitable for 4 seasons

With this anti-hunchback belt has a rather discreet design. When you put on and put on the shirt outside, it is difficult to recognize. So you can wear it wherever and whenever you want.

In addition, the belt also has an LED screen that displays the parameters clearly. Helps you to capture information and adjust your posture accordingly.

Comparison between intelligent anti-camber straps and traditional anti-camel straps

Improve the condition of humpback after 14 days of use

When using the anti-humpback belt, you should not be in a hurry. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions for use to get the best results. At the same time, combined with regular exercise, the effect will come faster.

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