Oxygen Concentrator DC12V Portable Travel Car O2 Generator Oxygen Making Machine

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Option1: Violet


Working Principle

It adopts advanced oxygen permeable membrane technology. Its original
gas is air, and can make oxygen continuously. It is popular with users
for its advantages of small size, moist oxygen, clean gas, wishful
oxygen, low energy consumption, environment friendly, safe &
reliable, and long time etc..

Take it to enjoy your life!


Power                                ≤15W

N.W.                                   0.6kg
Size                                   160*115*50mm
Air pressure                        50Kpa~106Kpa
Atmosphere Temperature   5 centigrade - 40 centigrade
Voltage                               11V-12.6V
Flow                                   1-1.2L/min
Oxygen Concentration         29%±1%
Decibel                               ≤45dB(a)
Li-battery                            2000Amh
Running Time                    4hours (Fully Charged Battery)

Packing List:

Oxygen concentrator*1pc
DC Charger              *1pc
Headset                  *1pc
Nasal Canular          *2pcs
Adaptor                   *1pc
User Manual            *1pc
Battery                    *1pc (installed)
Car  Power              *1pc 

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