Blood Oxygen Measurement

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A high-precision, low-power, easy-to-integrate blood oxygen measurement solution. Our probe connector is compatible with a variety of monitors, can be connected to the ventilator, and supports customization of the communication power supply interface.

Viatom probe adopts a
special finger pad design, which is ergonomic, comfortable and soft to prevent allergies, and has a strong wrapping ability to better shield peripheral light sources.

The wire is made of
TPU material, which has excellent high tension, high tensile force, toughness and aging resistance, strong and reliable, and has a longer service life.

High-precision chip, providing the best measurement sensitivity and stability, can meet ICU, CCU and anesthesia surgery applications.

Easy to operate, clean and thoroughly sterilized. The feature of
reusable reduces measurement costs and maximizes benefits.

Various models of products to meet the needs of various finger sizes, making wearing more comfortable.

Basic Principles and Interpretation of Viatom Reusable SpO₂ Sensors

The blood oxygen monitoring module consists of three parts: optical sensor, front-end signal acquisition system and algorithm. The principle is that according to the different absorption rates of red light and infrared light by oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) and deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) in the blood, the red light and infrared light are irradiated to the skin through an optical sensor, and then the subcutaneous blood vessels are obtained. After the reflected red light and infrared light, the blood oxygen is finally calculated by the algorithm.

Adopts Transmission Algorithm Used in Clinical Medicine

As the core of blood oxygen measurement, the accuracy of the optical sensor is crucial to the accuracy of the measurement results.Viatom SpO₂ reusable sensor uses high quality LEDs and calibrated receivers to eliminate interference from secondary frequencies.
Viatom SpO₂ reusable sensor 's LEDs and photodetector
optimized optics and low-noise analogsignal processing to enhance pulse oximetry and heart rate signals.

Accuracy Validation of SpO2 sensor

Viatom SpO₂ reusable sensor is clinically proven to ensure that when the SpO2 value is 70%-100%, the error does not exceed plus or minus 2%, and the pulse rate measurement range is 20-250bpm, the accuracy is ± 2bpm or ± 2 %.

Meet the demand of smart wearable products

Connect anytime, anywhere, this market trend drives the market demand for wearable products. Viatom SpO₂ reusable sensor supports 5.5V-1.8V wide voltage input and USB protocol to meet the needs of wearable devices for monitoring anytime, anywhere.
Wearable SpO₂ monitoring realized through
Viatom Spo2 reusable sensor will make users safer and healthier. Viatom relies on extensive experience in the medical industry and continuous investment in R&D to enable powerful functions on wearable health blood oxygen monitoring devices.

Improving Oxygen Therapy Uses

SpO₂ reusable sensors are already used in a wide variety of medical applications, including medical components as well as cardiovascular disease monitoring and treatment, home healthcare, remote patient monitoring and treatment, and surgical applications.
Data collected by digital oximeter sensor probes can meet the needs of patients and the healthcare industry for
remote monitoring by providing localized data and information to the cloud. It helps medical staff gain a faster and more accurate view of critical situations and enables patients to gain a deeper understanding of their condition and improvement.

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