Hand Wrist Orthosis Separate Finger Flex Spasm Extension Board Splint Apoplexy Hemiplegia Right Left Men Women

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Made of high quality Medical Grade Silicone. The protrusions could be used to help stimulate your finger.

It features unique splint that allows for individualized finger adjustments and allows you to adjust each finger independently.

Prevent finger flexion convulsion, deformation and deformity

Control the increase of muscle tension and big fish muscle atrophy

Fingers erosion prevention, finger joint deformation scar contracture

Suitable for people: A: Brain injury, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, cerebral infarction sequela, all kinds of craniocerebral surgery and Parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy caused by hand function disorder. B: Muscle tension, limb abnormal tension and brain injury patients

Free size, can be used on left hand or right hand.


1x Finger Flex Spasm Extension Board

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