Carejoy Otoscope 2.7x60mm 0° Speculum Ear Mirror Endoscope - Rigid, High Quality Auriscope for Precise Medical Examinations and Diagnoses

SKU: 120558-QK7588J1LWPK1236



  • Adopt high quality stainless steel materials
  • Adopt?Germany optic fiber and glass
  • With direction index sapphire lens cover never abrasion
  • Can be sterilized by Gas or Soaking
ø2.7X60 mm
You can choose 0°.


Packing List
0° Otoscope ø2.7mmX60 mm x1
About Disinfection Method :
Don't use high temperature disinfection and autoclave disinfection.
Please use ethylene oxide gas for sterilization.

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