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Z1 Auto is not only the world's smallest breathing machine. Auto sleep apnea machine is also distinctive.

Z1 Auto automatic breathing machine, with its unique breathing algorithm and several times per second sampling frequency, can be in the total pressure is lower than the conventional CPAP Settings, giving patients with rapid and effective treatment. Can bring more aggressive treatment in patients with feeling, more natural breathing patterns, the use of more comfortable experience.

Whether at home or in the course of the journey, every night to get the most comfortable treatment.

Summary: acme light, high-definition LCD display, function, power supply voltage booster automatic conversion applicable range 100-240 volts, built-in storage data of sleep.

Features: automatic regulating CPAP model

Pressure adjustable range 4-20 cmh2o

Z - Breathe out decompression algorithm

Weight 295g

Size:16.46 cm x 8.38 cm x 5.13 cm

In line with the requirements of the federal aviation administration, can be used on the plane Nitelog App via bluetooth connection to the iOS and Android mobile devices

Integrated Powershell lithium battery module provides power for CPAP therapy.

Z1 is suitable for travel portable breathing machine weighs only 284 g, such as the size of a palm equipped with dedicated dc battery POWERSHELL matching proprietary APP one-click regulation.

Product parameters

Symptoms: snoring is rather tight

Medical device name: positive pressure ventilation therapy apparatus

Applicable people: snoring

Breathing machine categories: single level

Disease: sleep breathing machine suspended syndrome

The choose and buy hot: small portable

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