CPAP Cleaner for Mask Tubing with Connector Bag

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Product specification:

  1. Input voltage/current: 5V
  2. Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V
  3. Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.2V
  4. Low battery warning voltage 3.2V
  5. Charging time: 3 hours
  6. Battery capacity: 2000mA


  1. Ozone disinfection uses the "sterilization" effect of ozone to comprehensively disinfect the internal pipelines, masks, humidifiers, and ventilators of objects that are not easy to clean and are prone to bacteria.
  2. Low noise operation; quiet and comfortable experience, away from noisy roar, allowing users to complete the disinfection of ventilator and other items in a comfortable environment
  3. Multi-scene application, dedicated CPAP is suitable for anything, such as disinfection of toothbrushes, electronic products, hearing aids, mobile phones, and even children's toys, disinfection in cars, disinfection of ventilator, and disinfection of mask lines.


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