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Option1: With Full Face Msak
Option3: Small


Attention: the CPAP will not be shipped to the US !!!

How to choose size of full face mask

G2S C20 is a fixed pressure device with integrated humidifier and wireless connectivity.

Upgraded humidification.Soft breath

Powerful data transfer / retrieval solution

·Quick report through device screen

·BMCares APP

·BMC nPAP data analysis software(PC software)


Device Size:274mm*184mm*115mm

Water capacity:To maximum fill line 360 mL

Weight:1.9 kg

Heated humidifier settings:1-5 level(95℉ to 154.4℉ / 35℃ to 68℃)

Humidifier output:No less than 10 mg H₂O/L

Work mode:CPAP

SD card:The SD card can record patient data and fault information

AC power consumption:100-240V AC,50/60 Hz,2.0 A

Sound pressure level:20-28db

Pressure:4 to 20 hPa

Static pressure stability: ± 0.5hPa

Comparing with traditional SD card,cable,Bluetooth and data module,iCode collaborating PAP Link APP is a brand new way for data transfer.Search "PAP Link"on APP store or Google play to install the APP.

RESmart device pack up compliance records in iCode.Unlike traditional way of data transfer,iCode is more stable and secure because only PAP Link APP reads it.Virtual is real.

APP reads iCode and generate analytical reports over 1,7,30,90,182 and 365 days as to present therapy effectiveness directly.More detailed compliance data are stored in iCode QR+.

Newly designed integrated humidifier has large heating plate(>50 cm2),which ensures excellent humidifying capacity and improves comfort.

The water chamber with drawer structure and opening cover,is more convenient to fill water and clean.

Reslex exhalation pressure release feature let you fall asleep at a lower pressure easliy.

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