R100 Positive Airway Pressure Devices CPAP Machine with Humidity Regulation

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R100 Positive Airway Pressure Devices CPAP Machine with Humidity Regulation




Positive airway pressure device is a portable respiratory therapy device, treating obstructive sleep
apnea (OSA). It can be applied on patients weighing above 30 kg. It is suitable for family use, clinic
use and hospital use.

Product Functions 
1)CPAP/Auto CPAP treatment mode can adjust operating pressure;
2)Provide mask leakage detection,leakage prompt and error status prompt;
3)Automatically compensate air leakage within a certain range;
4)Saving and checking patients information;
5)Capable of recognizing whether the mask is on or off and starting and stopping treatment intelligently;
6)Setting Ramp time, Humidity level between 1 and 6;
7)Auto pressure release;
8)Multiple remind functions.

Operating Pressure:
1)Operating pressure range:4 cmH2O~20 cmH2O(4~ 20 hPa)
2)Resolution ratio :0.1cmH2O(0.1 hPa)
3)Dynamic variation range:0.2 cmH2O(0.2 hPa)
Ramp Time:
1)Operating range:0~45 min
2)Resolution ratio :1min
3)Dynamic variation range:5 min
1)Input:100-240 V~,50-60 Hz;1.5 A MAX
2)Output:DC 24 V 3.75 A
3)Materials: PC, Stainless steel chassis
4) Maximum temperature of hating plate:63℃ (±3℃)
5)The air outlet temperature of Breathing tube:≤41℃
6)Thermal circuit breaker: disconnection>85±5℃, recovery<55±15℃, delay< 10s, DC24V-3A,
7)Protective disconnection temperature: 76℃
Safety Classification :
1)(Anti-electric shock level ) : Class II and Type BF applied part
2)SpO2 Device:Class I laser product   
3)Ingress protection:IP22
SpO2 Measurement:
1)Measurement range:0%~100%
2)Resolution ratio:1%
PR Measurement:
1)Measurement range:30 bpm~250 bpm
2)Resolution ratio:1bpm
3)Accuracy:±2 bpm or ±2% of the maximum  
Noise :
1)Pressure is 10 cmH2O, distance is 1m, normal operation (including humidifier) noise ≤35dB 
Operating Measurement:
1)Flow Sensor ±500Pa
2)Pressure Sensor 0~45 cmH2O(0~45 hPa)
Breathing tube (Breathing circuit)
Breathing tube (Breathing circuit) Specification
Micro SD Card
SpO2 Device (Optional)
Mask Specification
Power Supply Unit
Power adapter cord 
Air Inlet Filter Cotton
Portable bag 
The User Manual
Reminder: Breathing tube (Breathing circuit) refer to the physical products.

Physical Specification
Dimensions: 275*170*145 mm
Breathing tube:Soft plastic, length is 1.8m, outlet complies with ISO5356.1 22mm conical joint
Weight(device and cleanable humidifier):1600g
Work Environment:
a)Operating Temperature:+5 ℃~+40 ℃
b)Relative Humidity:10%~95%, non-condensing
c)Atmospheric Range (non-condensing):700 hPa~1060 hPa

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